Visit the following links for useful information……

  • This is the ATO’s main web page.
  • Go into the business section to see a definitive list of useful tools for your business.
  • See the forms section – the ATO now has a large number of forms available for download from the web page.
  • See the Contact Numbers section to get straight to the right department of the ATO on any issue.
  • Do you want to find out if a business you are dealing with has a valid ABN?
  • Use the search engine to perform a search by ABN or Business Name.
  • Visit the regulatory body of companies in Australia.
  • Use the search engine to perform a search by ACN or Company Name.
  • For all your industrial relation issues.
  • Try the useful awards search engine or the industry links applicable to your business.
  • Need more information about land tax, payroll tax, or NSW duties affecting your business?
  • Go to the State Taxes are to find specific information pertaining to these issues.
  • Need to find a case or piece of legislation affecting your business?
    This is the place to find it.
  • Need to retrieve the latest economic information from the Aus Bureau of Statistics?
  • CPI information, census and other information is available at this site.
  • For all the up-to-date share prices and Company announcements.
  • Try the useful search engine to review the details of your chosen Company.
  • Would you like to find out your current shareholding and dividends received for a particular Company?
  • These sites will assist you to find this information.